About Flora Hostel

Flora Hostel Nairobi is a Catholic based centre run by the Consolata Sisters.

• Location
Flora Hostel is located on a quiet environment on 5th Ngong Avenue along Ngong Road, opposite the Traffic Police Headquarters, 15 minutes from the city centre. It is within a walking distance from both Nairobi & Kenyatta National Hospital.

• Accommodation
Flora Hostel offers accommodation to Missionaries, their families and friends.
Accommodation is available in
Singles, doubles & triple rooms.
The rooms are clean and well maintained and the environment is ideal for a perfect get away.
Accommodation is inclusive of 3 main meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner served in an organized Dining Hall at set times (PLEASE NOTE: meals are not served in the rooms and we do not provide packed meals).

For reservation

+254 20 2723013
+254 20 2723087

+254 20 2720770
+254 720 071772
+254 733 753453


Annual Vacation

The hostel will be closed from December the 22nd to January the third

Main entrance
Dining and Sitting Room